The plan protects Chamber of specialized security company Night & Day Services build a scientific way, optimize the request of customers and the actual situation in place to protect and ensure the safety and efficiency customer utmost .

Designing security plans:

The security plans are designed scientifically, optimally at request of customers and based on the practical situation of security areas to ensure safety and highest efficiency for customers.

Working time:

Security guards of NDS continuously work in shift in accordance with the security plans during the 24/24h time, the weekdays (Inclusive of Sundays, Public holidays, New Year holidays but no more fees paid by customers).


Security guards:

NDS guards are selected subject to mandatory standards and strict reruitment process. Most of them are persons who used to work in the industry of police or army, and having specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the field of security. The security guards are trained and frequently fostered on security skills close to the situation at targets, are able to work in team as well as independently, have good professional ethics and a strict sense of organization, discipline.


Mobile Team and Quality Control Team:

Night & Day Secuirty Services Co., Ltd always has “a mobile force” ready to respond to and rescue alarm situations in emergency and “a quality control team” to frequently check targets periodically and suddenly to supervise, evaluate the security service quality, detect loopholes or mistakes of security guards in order to correct in time.

Customer Care Service:

Customer care specialists frequently meet and listen to customers’ feedback of service quality evaluation to improve, modify inappropriate matters in performance of contracts to satisfy requirements of customers.


Uniforms of security guards and support tools:

NDS guards wear featured blue uniforms beautifull and simple but strong, which will prettify beauty of factories, companies, banks, construction sites… of customers. Also, they are equiped with suitable support tools in accordance with regulations by Misnistry of Public Security in order to make sure of accomplishing, settling any occurrency well.

Compensation Obligation:

Night & Day Security Services Co., Ltd (or an insurance company) has its responsibility to compensate 100% for material loss or damange to customers due to complete errors caused by NDS guards.

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